Course Rules

Equipment: This course is designed to played with a regulation 175 gram Ultimate disc. Because your disc will constantly be landing on gravel, asphalt, and other hard surfaces, it is not recommended that you use a brand-new one. There is also a disc golf course at Woodward, but it was installed many years after the Septathalon began and is not used by the MAD FIGS.

Course Etiquitte: Due to the large number of participants in the Septathalon, it would take far too long to complete the event if everyone played through individually. Generally, it is acceptable for participants to tee off one at a time, but further shots can be made at the same time as long as they aren't in danger of hitting any of the other players.
Also, players should announce their score on each hole to the scorekeeper to make sure that the totals are accurately recorded.

Making Shots: For the first throw of each hole, players may make a "drive" shot to tee off. In this, they are allowed a running start. However, with subsequent shots one foot must be planted where the disc had landed from the previous throw. If it is impossible to make a throw in the required position (ie, the disc is directly beneath a car and the player's foot won't reach the spot), their foot should be planted as close to the spot as possible. If the disc ends up in a tree and can be knocked down in some manner, it may be played from where it lands. If the disc is stuck in the tree and must be physically removed, the throw should be made from in the tree.

Penalties: A disc which comes to rest on any black asphalt surface (roads or parking lots) results in a 2 stroke penalty. The white cement on the edge of the road is still safe, and the disc must be all the way on the asphalt to incur this penalty.
Landing in one of the lakes will result in a 5-stroke penalty, AND the thrower must retrieve their own disc. Failure to retrieve a disc will result in a DNF (automatic last place) and public ridicule. However, it is perfectly acceptable to bribe someone else to retrieve a disc for you.

Mercy Rule: The stroke limit on each hole is 20. If you have made more throws than this (or accumulated a number of penalties) you should stop counting after 20 and mark that as your score.

Tie-breakers: In the event of a tie in overall score, the first tiebreaker will be the score on the 7th hole (lowest score wins). The second tiebreaker will be the score on the 14th hole. The third tiebeaker will be a frisbee distance throwing competition (best of three throws), and the fourth tiebreaker will be an accuracy competition (sudden death, competition continues until one of the participants hits the designated target and the other misses).

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