TIP #1: Know the course

While skill with the disc is the most important factor in a Frisbee Golf competition, a player who has practiced the course will have a significant advantage. Poor shot selection will greatly increase your score, especially if it results in a penalty (see tip #5 below).

TIP #2: Don't be too enthuastiac

Throwing your disc against the target as hard as you can from only a few feet away will certainly intimidate your opponents. However, this can also bend (or completely shatter, in the case of many MAD FIGS) the disc. You can just touch the target without making a throw, or even leap through the air to get close enough if you prefer.

TIP #3: Keep up with your disc

If you take your time in getting to the frisbee between shots, you run the risk of bystanders picking it up and throwing it back to you. This can be a disasterous event, since you will most likely end up further away from your target.

TIP #4: Watch out for obstacles

Making a good throw from underneath a tree, around a building, or off a roof can be quite difficult. Since you must keep one foot planted where the disc landed, it is much easier to throw from in the open. Possibly saving one stroke with a risky shot often isn't worth the two extra shots you'll need to get out of a bad spot.

TIP #5: Avoid penalties at all costs

Certain holes (as noted in the course outline) contain hazards. Landing in the street adds 2 strokes, while landing in the water adds 5 strokes. In a close match, this can mean almost certain defeat.
BONUS TIP FROM MATT HENSCHEL: If your disc does land in the water, don't swim through the lake after it and DEFINITELY don't drink any of the lake water!

TIP #6: Replenish your energy

Dam Diner
Frisbee Golf is one of the most grueling physical challenges known to humanity. Therefore, you should always follow up a visit to the course with a visit to the Dam Diner in scenic Friant, California.

TIP #7: Don't get depressed

A feeling of sadness is typical after finishing a round of Frisbee Golf, since most other activities are a step down. However, it is best to remember that you can always come back tomorrow for another chance to play!

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