MAD FIGS Septathalon 2000

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00-adventure01 Before the Adventure Race (paroramic) Woodward Park 07/29/00
00-adventure02 Before the Adventure Race Woodward Park 07/29/00
00-bond Matt vs. Justin in the finals of the Bond event Ekins Household 07/29/00
00-bowling01 MAD FIGS Bowling Blackstone Bowl 07/29/00
00-bowling02 Matt Henschel's secret: matching shorts and ball Blackstone Bowl 07/29/00
00-brovsbro Ping Pong pits brother against brother Ekins Household 07/29/00
00-chalkmf The MF Logo 1 mile from the Dam Diner 07/28/00
00-dennys The MAD FIGS enjoy breakfaster after the Adventure Race Denny's 07/29/00
00-dinerdash01 The runners try to restrain themselves from rushing to the Dam Diner 1 mile from the Dam Diner 07/28/00
00-dinerdash02 The Dam Diner Dash begins 1 mile from the Dam Diner 07/28/00
00-frisbee01 Like most events, Frisbee started right on time BHS Parking lot 07/29/00
00-frisbee02 The heat of the day meant frequent breaks were needed BHS Track 07/29/00
00-frisbee03 Angry Bear plays like a thug BHS Track 07/29/00
00-frisbee04 Justin gets ready for a great throw BHS Track 07/29/00
00-frisbee05 Another hail-mary pass BHS Track 07/29/00
00-frisbee06 The competition in Frisbee intensifies BHS Track 07/29/00
00-frisbeegolf The first Septathalon photo of 2000! Woodward Park 07/28/00
00-guards 'FIGS stand guard as the Septathalon results are calculated BHS Track 07/29/00
00-milestartThe starting line of the barefoot mile runBHS Track07/29/00
00-pirate Getting friendly with the Pirate Blackbeard's 07/28/00
00-pong The Animalito triumphs in a close game of Ping Pong Ekins Household 07/29/00
00-shade Another break during the Frisbee event BHS Track 07/29/00
00-superquorum Super Quorum after the Adventure Race Woodward Park 07/29/00
00-woodward Jacob's map of the Adventure Race N/A 07/28/00

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