MAD FIGS Septathalon 2001

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01-bcs The Bare-Chested Scotsman returns The Dam Diner 07/27/01
01-bowling The competitors during the bowling event Fresno State Bowling Alley 07/28/01
01-bowling2 Horseplay results as the event starts heating up Fresno State Bowling Alley 07/28/01
01-ceremony The dedicated few who stayed for the awards ceremony BHS Track 07/28/01
01-damslam Animalito is motivated to finish by the prospect of a Dam Slam Breakfast The Dam Diner 07/27/01
01-ddr Scott Dogg dominates Mat Henschel at the Dancing Game Blackbeard's 07/27/01
01-dinerdash The new starting line for the Dam Diner Dash The Dam Diner 07/27/01
01-drink Scott Dogg enjoys a refreshing drink after Frisbee Golf Woodward Park 07/27/01
01-elkinio Jacob waits patiently for someone else to finsh the race The Dam Diner 07/27/01
01-frisbeegolf vinnardo starts off the Septathalon with the first Frisbee Golf toss Woodward Park 07/27/01
01-frisbeegolf2 The competitors wait for Frisbee Golf to begin Woodward Park 07/27/01
01-mile Runners prepare themselves for the grueling challenge of the Barefoot Mile BHS Track 07/28/01
01-mile2 Intense concentration is require before the race BHS Track 07/28/01
01-mile3 People have different reactions to the start of a race BHS Track 07/28/01
01-romsa Apparently Matt Romsa never learns BHS Track 07/28/01
01-runnersonroad Signs warned motorists to be cautious during the Dam Diner Dash The Dam Diner 07/27/01
01-sign The MAD FIGS sign covers the Machine's ear to prevent eavesdropping BHS Track 07/28/01
01-washer Scott Dogg tries out the bowling ball washer Fresno State Bowling Alley 07/28/01

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