MAD FIGS Septathalon 2002

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02-adventure01 20 minutes before the start of the Adventure Race Woodward Park 07/20/02
02-adventure0215 seconds before the start of the Adventure Race Woodward Park 07/20/02
02-adventure0310 seconds before the start of the Adventure Race Woodward Park 07/20/02
02-awards01Scott Dogg reads off the final results BHS Track 07/20/02
02-awards02Jacob, Jayne, and Artie the One Man Party at the ceremonyBHS Track 07/20/02
02-awards03Scott Dogg presents the Animal with the MAD FIGS DollarBHS Track07/20/02
02-barniclesScott Dogg, Milica, and vinnardo: 2002 Barefoot Barnicles Woodward Park 07/20/02
02-bowling01vinnardo and Scott Dogg hit the lanes Fresno State 07/20/02
02-bowling02While the turnout was large, the event still ran smoothly Fresno State 07/20/02
02-bowling03The Animal gets ready for another strike Fresno State 07/20/02
02-bowling04The Animal's patented stance Fresno State 07/20/02
02-clipboardA rare photograph of the Septathalon clipboard during the competition Woodward Park 07/20/02
02-dance01The Animal and Jenny watch others make fools of themselves Fresno State 07/20/02
02-dance02Round 1: Scott Dogg vs. the AnimalFresno State 07/20/02
02-dance03The Animal shows off his famous moves Fresno State 07/20/02
02-dance04Final Round: Scott Dogg vs. MattyFresno State 07/20/02
02-dance05Matty tries in vain to keep upFresno State 07/20/02
02-dance06At least Scott Dogg thinks the Dancing Game is funFresno State 07/20/02
02-danceanimal"You're a Dance Animal!"Fresno State 07/20/02
02-diner01As usual, Jacob wins by a mileThe Dam Diner 07/19/02
02-diner02Paul finishes in 3rd PlaceThe Dam Diner 07/19/02
02-diner03Animalito beats out his pursuersThe Dam Diner 07/19/02
02-diner04A heated finish between Nina and MilicaThe Dam Diner 07/19/02
02-diner05Without this photograph, it would have been hard to know who wonThe Dam Diner 07/19/02
02-dinersignThe group poses with the famous sign1 mile from the Dam Diner07/19/02
02-dollar01The Animal surrenders control of the MAD FIGS DollarWoodward Park07/19/02
02-dollar02The presentation of the Dollar at the awards ceremonyBHS Track07/20/02
02-dollar03The Animal is glad to have the Dollar backBHS Track07/20/02
02-frisbee01The competitors had plenty of space to warm upWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee02This year there was plenty of liquid refreshment availableWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee03Game 6: Milica, Animal, vinnardo, and Jacob vs. Paul, Artie, Heidi, and Jeff Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee04Game 6: The players leave the field after a tough gameWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee05Game 7: Scott Dogg guards vinnardo Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee06Game 7: McMath blazes past Johann after the disc Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee07Game 8: Jacob and Andrew try to predict where the frisbee will landWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee08Game 8: Milica uses her tremendous defensive skillWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee09Game 8: Jacob looks for a throw past AndrewWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee10Game 8: Heidi makes the catchWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee11Game 9: Animal throws past Jeff to GingerWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee12Game 9: Lawrence of Arabia battles the Bare-Chested ScotsmanWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee13Game 9: Paul, Johann, and McMath vs. Artie, Ginger, and the Animal Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee15Game 11: vinnardo, Milica, Andrew, and Heidi vs. Nina, Robin, and Tom S. Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee16Game 11: Heidi, Andrew, and vinnardo vs. Robin and McMathWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee17Game 11: Heidi makes another phenomenal catchWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee18Game 12: Lito, Ginger, Animal, and Artie vs. Stephanie, Paul, Johann, and Angry Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee19Game 13: Jacob, Matt, Lito and Kevin plan strategyWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee20Game 13: Jacob, Matt, Lito and Kevin vs. Scott Dogg, Jeff, Tom S., and ArtieWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee21The bonus Game 15 Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee22The competition heats up in Game 15Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee23Artie the One Man Party uses the contraversial "Disco Defense"Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee24Jacob makes one of his famous "Falling Catches"Woodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee25Jacob makes an easy catch for the pointWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee26Animalito on the road to victoryWoodward Park07/20/02
02-frisbee27Some games were less intense than othersWoodward Park07/20/02
02-geeseScott Dogg rids the park of Canadian GeeseWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf01The participants get psyched up for competitionWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf02Andrew gets "in the zone"Woodward Park07/19/02
02-golf03Kate shows off her brand-new FrisbeeWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf04Warming up is always importantWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf05A long view of the warm upsWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf06After a while, people start just standing aroundWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf07Stephanie find her disc in the deadly reedsWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf08Scott Dogg makes a throw off the roofWoodward Park07/19/02
02-golf09Matty gets a little too enthuastic about retrieving his discWoodward Park07/19/02
02-groupA group photo before Frisbee GolfWoodward Park07/19/02
02-guards01Jacob, the Animal, Paul, and Matty stand guard while the results are calculatedBHS Track07/20/02
02-guards02Jacob stops an onslaught by AnimalitoBHS Track07/20/02
02-guards03All the other MAD FIGS protect Scott Dogg from another attackBHS Track07/20/02
02-jayneandjacobJayne and Jacob after the Adventure RaceWoodward Park07/20/02
02-jaynebloodJayne displays her injuries from the Adventure RaceWoodward Park07/20/02
02-justinweirdJustin strikes a weird poseWoodward Park07/19/02
02-lawrenceLawrence of Arabia makes a triumphant return by going 0-5 in UltimateWoodward Park07/20/02
02-mattandkevinFat Henschel and KevinBHS Track07/20/02
02-mile01Despite the late hour, everyone was ready for the Barefoot MileBHS Track07/20/02
02-mile02The competitors at the starting lineBHS Track07/20/02
02-mile03Jenny tries to take a picture in the less-than-optimum lighting conditionsBHS Track07/20/02
02-mile04Everyone waits patiently while the results are calculatedBHS Track07/20/02
02-minigolf01The Animal gets ready to destroy the course recordBlackbeard's07/19/02
02-minigolf02Milica, the Animal, Nina, and Angry Bear prepare to tee offBlackbeard's07/19/02
02-minigolf03Animalito tries for a hole in oneBlackbeard's07/19/02
02-paulandanimalPaul and the Animal pose after UltimateWoodward Park07/20/02
02-pingpong01Animal vs. Animalito: the RematchEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong02Jacob vs. the AnimalEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong03Paul vs. the AnimalEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong04Ping Pong makes Jenny nervousEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong05Milica makes a devastating returnEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong06Matt Henschel slams one homeEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong07Johann vs. MattyEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong08Finals: Paul vs. MattyEkins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong09Matty can't compete with Paul's contraversial "Wacky Backhand"Ekins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong10Scott Dogg takes pingpong photo #6 (above)Ekins Household07/20/02
02-pingpong11Another great shot by MattyEkins Household07/20/02
02-secondplaceThe Animal presents Animalito with the "I Lost to the Animal" trophyBHS Track07/20/02
02-startoffJustin makes the traditional throw to start the SeptathalonWoodward Park07/19/02
02-superquorumThe new MAD FIGS Super QuorumWoodward Park07/19/02

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