MAD FIGS Septathalon 1999

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99-awards The Septathalon finishers at the awards ceremony BHS Track 7/25/99
99-break Yet another break during Frisbee BHS Track 7/24/99
99-dinergroup An enjoyable meal at the Dam Diner The Dam Diner 7/24/99
99-frisbee01 Johann and Scott Dogg vs. MTOMP and Genebeaver BHS Track 7/24/99
99-frisbee02 Why is Frisbee one of the longest events? Breaks. BHS Track 7/24/99
99-frisbee03 Johann and Sean vs. G.Beaver and Kate BHS Track 7/24/99
99-frisbee04 Another perfect throw by Scott Dogg BHS Track 7/24/99
99-frisbee05 Johann and Scott Dogg vs. MTOMP and Genebeaver, again BHS Track 7/24/99
99-frisbee06Justin just makes it look easyBHS Track7/24/99
99-frisbee07 Johann and Scott Dogg vs. MTOMP and Genebeaver, yet again BHS Track 7/24/99
99-happyanimal The Animal laughs at the fools who dare challenge him BHS Track 7/24/99
99-milestart Lawrence of Arabia takes an early lead in the Barefoot Mile BHS Track 7/25/99
99-pentrick Paul pulls a surprise victory in the Pen Twirling competition Woodward Park 7/25/99
99-results Scott Dogg calculates the Septathalon results BHS Track 7/25/99
99-ronja The sprinklers helped keep Frisbee players cool BHS Track 7/24/99
99-stand The pressure begins to take its toll on Animalito BHS Track 7/24/99
99-victory Paul presents the Animal with the MAD FIGS Dollar BHS Track 7/25/99

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