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14boatsAll the boats picutred here sank the next day France Unknown
14brest Jacob discovers a giant 14 France Unknown
14bus Jacob boards bus #14, perhaps for the last time France Unknown
14pirate The 14h hole on the Pirate Course Blackbeard's 1995?
14score The worst-case scenario in any sporting event Unknown Unknown
14sign Jacob is dismayed by a street sign Unknown Unknown
14wall Jacob discovers that 14s can lurk anywhere France Unknown
ambulance Fat Henschel, ready to dash into action Fresno Unknown
anders A rare photo of Anders, the Norwegian Landmine Guy Norway Unknown
andrewgilbertAndrew Leet and GilbertUnknown1997?
animalbush The Animal during the "Blood and Carrots" Mission The Monkey's House 1995?
animalito The Animalito Unknown Unknown
animalwillbite A very important sign Unknown Unknown
animalwomen The Animal surrounded by women Cross Country Retreat? Unknown
austinpowers Austin Powers, International Runner of Mystery Firebaugh? 1997?
barrel The MAD FIGS Barrel on the Indiana Jones ride Disneyland 1997
barrel2 vinnardo with the MAD FIGS Barrel Disneyland 1998
bigassfish Matty displays the catch of the day The Ocean 2003
billnyeclub The Bill Nye the Science Guy Club Mr. Bonnard's Class 1996
billnyesign The Bill Nye the Science Guy Club Sign during the Senior Picture BHS Quad 1996
bloodcarrots The result of the "Blood and Carrots" Mission The Monkey's House 1995?
boardgame The all-night Risk marathon Steinke Household 08/14/96?
boltinhair Jacob with the Flash insignia on his head Unknown Unknown
brick vinnardo and the Animal carrying the MAD FIGS Brick Unknown Unknown
brokenbridge The Pirate Flag flies during a paintball game The Broken Bridge Unknown
business Taking Care of Business since 2000 Office Max? Unknown
bwanimal Black and white picture of the Animal Unknown Unknown
bwjacob Black and white picture of Jacob Unknown Unknown
bwpaul Black and white picture of Paul Unknown Unknown
cannon Paul and Joanne at the Highland Games Unknown Unknown
carcrunch A wrecked car at the Ron Mission 7-11, Blackstone and Bullard 1995?
chateaufrisbee Jacob plays frisbee by himself France Unknown
christmaseve Before the Christmas Eve Mission Outside Woodward Park 12/24/97
chupacabra Johann's paintball injury The Broken Bridge Unknown
clovisrun Preparation for the Clovis Lakes Race Clovis Lakes 06/01/97
congrats Group photo after the Clovis Lakes Run The Animal's House 06/01/97
consorting The Animal consorting with the enemy Unknown Unknown
contraption Scott Dogg and William Wallace build a strange device Tom's House 1999
damdiner Classic Super Quorum photo The Dam Diner 07/97
debateparty Bullard High Debate team's end-of-year celebration Andrew's House 05/96
debatephoto Passing time in between rounds at a tournament Edison High 1996
debaters vinnardo, Andrew, Rosanna, and Angry Bear standing around Unknown Unknown
debateteam Bullard Debate team takes first place in the league Clovis West? 1996
dinerags The Animal and General Swift after a good meal The Dam Diner 07/97
dinerexterior The exterior of the world's greatest restrauant The Dam Diner 07/97
dinerfun The MAD FIGS enjoy their last meal together before Jacob leaves for France The Dam Diner 07/97
dinerhand Paul ruins a perfectly good photo The Dam Diner 07/97
dinersign The Dam Diner Sign Unknown Unknown
disco Paul, vinnardo, and Kendra listen to the Internet Disco Page Steinke Household Unknown
dollar1 Front of the MAD FIGS Dollar Bill, Series 2 N/A N/A
dollar2 Back of the MAD FIGS Dollar Bill, Series 2 N/A N/A
dollarpound The true value of FIGS is revealed Unknown Unknown
doublevision Ghostly vinnardos haunt the parking lot Blackstone Bowl Unknown
eatfigs A very dangerous car Fresno 09/13/97
eiffel Jacob returns from France with amazing souveneigers Park by Kristin's House 08/99
endanger "Running Endangers Lives" Sign Utah 1996?
fencing Paul vs. Jacob in a battle to the death French Camp? 1996?
figbow A rainbow appears over the fig trees Fresno Unknown
figmobile Jacob's car becomes the Figmobile The Monkey's House 1995?
filmfest00 Scott Dogg and Johann during Braveheart Steinke Household 1997
filmfest01 William Wallace and Stroma during Braveheart Steinke Household 1997
filmfest02 Small Change Steinke Household 1997
filmfest03 Pulp Fiction Steinke Household 1997
filmfest04 Hard Boiled Steinke Household 1997
filmfest05 The Party Steinke Household 1997
filmfest06 Happy Gilmore Steinke Household 1997
filmfest07 Tombstone Steinke Household 1997
filmfest08 Billy Madison - Penguin Steinke Household 1997
filmfest09 Billy Madison - Ending Steinke Household 1997
filmfest10 Scott Dogg dances through the credits Steinke Household 1997
filmfest11 Paul remained vigilant after most others had fallen asleep Steinke Household 1997
filmfest12 Braveheart keeps getting better no matter how many times you've seen it Steinke Household 1997
flashito John "Shorty" Ekins Unknown Unknown
fourthofjuly Annual vinnado 4th of July celebration Justin's grandparent's house 07/04/96
frenchfight01 Paul vs. Jacob in the French Play BHS Theater Unknown
frenchfight02 Paul vs. Jacob in the French Play BHS Theater Unknown
frenchfight03 Paul vs. Jacob in the French Play BHS Theater Unknown
frisbeemud The aftermath of a mud frisbee game BHS Track Unknown
gangsign The MAD FIGS Gang Sign Unknown Unknown
gary Scott Dogg and Gretchen with Gary Clovis West? 1996
gilbert Gilbert Tsai Unknown Unknown
gooseshirt Scott Dogg wears the Canadian Geese shirt Park by Kristin's House 08/99
halloween Jacob as Bill Nye the Science Guy Kristin's House 1995?
haircut01 The Animal "wins a contest" at the Giants game San Francisco 2004
haircut02 The "contest" involves being shaved bald San Francisco 2004
haircut03 The Animal displays his new wave hairstyle San Francisco 2004
homecoming Jacob gives up his crown to the Animal Unknown 1995?
hooters The Animal makes a new friend at Hooters Unknown Unknown
idcards Classic photo used to create MAD FIGS ID cards Woodward Park Unknown
inspired The Animal passes WOW Madera 1995?
itos Animalito and John Ekins Unknown Unknown
jacobdive Jacob makes a diving catch (almost) France Unknown
jacobface Jacob tells stories about France Park by Kristin's House 08/99
jacobfro Jacob with a huge afro Unknown Unknown
jacobleads Jacob in first place, as usual Sanger Track 1996?
jacobmfcafe Jacob visits the MF Cafe France Unknown
jacobmiss Jacob attemps a diving catch, but fails Ekins Household Unknown
juliaPaul and vinnardo with Julia StampsWoodward Park1995?
ken vinnardo, Scott Dogg, and Angry Bear with Ken Takeuchi Firebaugh? 1996?
kisses Paul and vinnardo subdue the great beast known as Kisses Unknown 1995?
kitty A cute kitty Unknown 2003
leflash Jacob visits Le Flash France Unknown
licenseplate MAD FIGS license plate Fresno 2000
litoeato Animalito competes in a pizza-eating contest Fresno State 1999
machine The MAD FIGS triumph over the Machine BHS Track 1999
madbearcafe Outside the Mad Bear Cafe Friant 1996?
madbearguy A nice guy who gave us his gift certificate to the Mad Bear Cafe Firebaugh? 1996?
maddy Maddy, the MAD FIGS guinea pig Ekins household Unknown
mcintosh Paul and Johann visit Papa McIntosh Highland Games 1997
mf MAD FIGS spell out the MF logo Animal's House 06/01/97
mfcans MF logo spelled out with cans Unknown Unknown
mfdollar Front of MAD FIGS Dollar Bill, Series 1 N/A N/A
mfdollar2 Back of MAD FIGS Dollar Bill, Series 1 N/A N/A
mfhill Hillside with giant MF logo Bakersfield? 1996
mfrelay The MAD FIGS relay team Sanger Track 1996
mfsign01 The Freshly-painted MAD FIGS sign BHS Leadership room 1996
mfsign02 Various 'FIGS pose with the sign BHS Track 1996
mfsign03 Group photo with the sign BHS Track 1997
mission01 The MAD FIGS prepare for THE Mission Steinke Household 1996
mission02 More preparations for THE Mission Steinke Household 1996
mission03 The MAD FIGS, about to embark upon THE Mission Steinke Household 1996
monkey Jacob, Paul, and the Monkey Blackstone Bowl Unknown
morgan Paul and Johann with a 3-wheeled Morgan Highland Games Unknown
motorcycle Matt's new motorcycle Matt's House 2003
mudandrew Andrew swings across a mud pit Lemoore 06/97
mudanimal The Animal climbs a muddy wall Lemoore 06/97
mudaron A-Ron crawls through a mud pit Lemoore 06/97
mudhappy Group photo after the race Lemoore 06/97
mudjacob Jacob goes through a mud pit Lemoore 06/97
mudjustin Justin runs through the mud Lemoore 06/97
mudrun Group photo before race Lemoore 06/97
mug MAD FIGS Mug, composite view Champaign, IL 10/00
mug2 MAD FIGS Mug, bottom Champaign, IL 10/00
nude MAD FIGS nude! BHS Track Unknown
nude02 Paul and Johann nude! Unknown Unknown
onldosmr-finish Super Scrub, A-Ron, and Paul finish BHS Track 06/03/96
onldosmr-start Start of the race BHS Track 06/03/96
onldosmr-jacob Jacob destroys the competition BHS Track 06/03/96
paintedmen Jacob and General Swift Unknown Unknown
paulbday Paul plays the bagpipes Steinke Household 08/14/97
paulwomen Paul surrounded by flocks of women Unknown Unknown
pirateflag01 Posing with the pirate flag Broken Bridge Unknown
pirateflag02 Justin hangs the pirate flag BHS Track Unknown
pirateflag03 MAD FIGS stand beneath the flag BHS Track Unknown
polevaultanimal The Animal fails in the pole vault Sanger Track 1997
polevaultjustin vinnardo practices his pole vault technique BHS Track 1996
polevaultpaul Paul clears the bar Sanger Track 1997
preventor01 WOW with The Preventor Madera 1996
preventor02 WOW, The Preventor, and Andrew Leet Madera 1996
pumpkin A MAD FIGS pumpkin Unknown Unknown
punkrock01 vinnardo's Halloween costume Unknown 2003
punkrock02 vinnardo is SO punk rock! Unknown 2003
recycling01 What seems to be innocent recycling... Kristin's House Unknown
recycling02 ...turns into a disaster for Scott Dogg Kristin's House Unknown
reunion99 Super Quorum at the Dam Diner the Dam Diner 08/99
robbie The infamous box of Good'n'Plentys JSA Convention 1996
ron Ron is caught in a moment of weakness Unknown Unknown
sanger Mad FiGs on the long jump runway Sanger Track 1995
scottfangs Scott Dogg eats an onion ring the Dam Diner 08/99
seveneleven Jacob and the Animal take a break 7-11, Bullard and Palm Unknown
shady The Animal makes an illicit frisbee sale Unknown Unknown
shirt-experience Angry Bear's shirt design: "The Experience" Kristin's House 07/97
shirt-mf Jacob's shirt design: "MAD FIGS Man" Kristin's House 07/97
shirt-tori Gretchen and Scott Dogg's shirt design - "Tori Amos" Kristin's House 07/97
snowday A cold day in Fresno BHS Track 12/98
sleepybear Angry Bear takes a nap Unknown Unknown
sunshine The oldest known MAD FIGS photo, from Sunshine's birthday party Sunshine's House 1994
symbols MAD FIGS symbols on the back of Jacob's car Scott Dogg's house 07/97
talkingbear01 Scott Dogg and Angry Bear with a "talking bear" (that didn't work) Unknown Unknown
talkingbear02 Scott Dogg discovers that the bear is hotter than it looks Unknown Unknown
trivial An intense game of Trivial Pursuit Unknown Unknown
ultimate01 Group photo after an ultimate game BHS Track Unknown
ultimate02 Another group photo BHS Track Unknown
varmitzfa The Fascist Varmitzfa Bullard High 1996
vparty01 Kristin's birthday party Justin's house Unknown
vparty02 Kristin's birthday party Justin's house Unknown
vparty03 Kristin's birthday party - in color! Justin's house Unknown
wallace The Animal and Cindy with William Wallace Animal's House (SLO) Unknown
watchanimal "Watch for Animal Next 20 Miles" sign Unknown Unknown
willhair Angry Bear sports a new hairdo Edison High 1996
williamwallace William Wallace restaurant and pub London Unknown
yosemite01 Matt and Johann climb Half Dome Yosemite Unknown
yosemite02 Matt is daunted by the harsh climb ahead Yosemite Unknown
yosemite03Johann's walking stick meets a sad endYosemiteUnknown
yosemite04 vinnardo holds the Scottish flag atop Half Dome Yosemite Unknown

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