Highly Honored and Respected Individuals

The Angry Bear

AKA: Will, will
Special Status: Member of the Icee Brotherhood
Weapon of Choice: the Bear Hug, Tackling
Greeting of Choice: the Bear Hug, Tackling
Special Contributions to the MAD FIGS: He's big on Frisbee
Special Powers: Lemonade Drinking MADman
Unfortunate Weaknesses: Pokes to the belly when full of Lemonade
Special Connections: Jews, Forensics, Junior and Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer, the East-side of Fresno.

Kristin Cahill

Special Status: The Woman of the MAD FIGS, was custodian of the MAD FIGS Parking Brick for a long peiod of time
Symbols: Rainbow or any combination of all the visible spectral wavelengths, the white Miata
Weapon of Choice: Whipped Cream in a pressurized can
Special Contributions ot the MAD FIGS: hang out residence, food
Unfortunate Weaknesses: A dog named Kisses
Special Connections: Blackstone Bowl, UC San Diego, Other Schools: San Joaquin Memorial.
Trivia: The official scorekeeper of the MAD FIGS Septathalon since 1999, despite never have attended any of the events.

Jenny #3

AKA: Saktown
Special Status: The only person to have competed in more Septathalon events than one of the MAD FIGS, highest scoring participant who is not one of the MAD FIGS, 10-time champion of the Female Septathalon, 8-time champion of the Couples Division.
Special Contributions to the MAD FIGS: By 2003 there had already been two different Jennys (that hadn't been stricken from the record) in attendance at previous Septathalons. Normal record-keeping protocol would have required the use of the last initial for clarity, but since there was already another Jenny S. the nickname Jenny #3 was used instead. Although she has gone on to become one of the most dedicated and successful Septathalon competitors, the tertiary title still remains.


AKA: Tony
Special Contributions to the MAD FIGS: In 2003, a large number of Fresno Ultimate players attended the ultimate frisbee event at the Septathalon. While few returned the next year, T-Bird did show up again and went on to do the rest of the day's events as well. Since then, he has become a frequent Septathalon attendee, often travelling from out of town for the competition.
Unfortunate Weaknesses: Being weighted down by Canadian Goose decoys


Special Status: A frequent competitor at many of the early Septathalons.
Special Contributions to the MAD FIGS: McMath competed against BHS in Forensics during high school, but later joined forces with the MAD FIGS by "chaperoning" some debate tournaments.
Unfortunate Weaknesses: Hangovers on Saturday
Special Connections: Other Schools: Clovis West


Originally referring to younger siblings interested in running, there are now enough MAD FIGS offspring to (theoretically) make up a new acronym for the younger generation! While most are still too young to compete in cross country events, there is definite potential for greatness.

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