MAD FIGS: The Band?

The Animal Reported:
The other day I was in the lunch line wearing my MAD FIGS shirt and the guy serving food asked me what I "played." I was puzzled by this but then I responded, "Ultimate frisbee". And he said, "Oh, you're not in a band?" And I thought about the Five Arakels, but I told him I wasn't. He then went on telling me this long story about his summer vacation. Keep in mind that 1) I've never seen this guy in my life and 2) He's supposed to be making me a sandwich and 3) The line behind me is getting quite long. He finally gets to the point where he's in Alabama and he's in some club or bar or something. And he's listening to this jazz band. And do you know what the name of the band is? The MAD FIGS!!! There's a jazz band in Alabama called the MAD FIGS! This is incredible. It deserves further investigation. I'm even thinking of a summer road trip.

No further information on this mysterious group has been discovered. If you have any information, please contact us.

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