While enrolled in the leadership class in 1996, Jacob and Scott spent a lot of class time painting signs for football games and the like. Jacob was famous for his skill at designing the signs, and Scott was famous for his ability to watch and do as little work as possible.

One day, Jacob was making a sign using a limited area in the classroom. The sign was suspended between two tables, and one end was held in place by a ceramic bowl that was found in the leadership room. Unfortunately, Jacob walked into the sign, knocking the bowl to the ground and shattering it into dozens of pieces. He was very upset, but Scott Dogg had an idea. Using rubber cement and scotch tape, he spent the period reassembling the bowl, and eventually it was as good as new (aside from being covered with tape and rubber cement). Jacob was amazed that the bowl was repaired, and decided to keep it for good luck.

The other MAD FIGS were also amazed at the story of the MAD FIGS bowl. However, Scott Dogg took it home for safekeeping, and foolishly left it hidden in the very back of his closet in a box underneath his clothes, where his Mom quickly found it and threw it away. The MAD FIGS hope to someday find the remains of the bowl, because they know that it can easily be reassembled again.

The MAD FIGS bowl can be seen here holding up one corner of the MAD FIGS sign.

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