The Crazy Guy: A Chase Through Fresno

During Cross-Country season, the MAD FIGS were traveling to Ratcliff Stadium for a practice. Justin, Scott Dogg, and the Animal were driving down Bullard Avenue, when Justin noticed an elderly gentleman driving in the lane next to him. Justin decided to have a little fun, and began "drag racing" with the man. Every time the car would start to pull forward, Justin would speed up enough to keep just a little ahead. Eventually, the MAD FIGS noticed that the man was not looking at the road ahead of him - instead he stared only at Justin. The Great Vinnardo responded by staring intently back at him.

Eventually, the two cars pulled to a stop next to each other at a stoplight. The man motioned for Justin to roll down his window, and when he did the man asked, "Do you always look and act that stupid, son?" Justin paused, put an insane look on his face, and replied "YEEEHHHHEEESS!!!" Just then, the light turned green and Justin sped off. The man, who had been in the left hand turning lane, pulled out in front of oncoming traffic in pursuit.

The MAD FIGS were not worried at first. Justin had much experience with losing people, and did not expect a 60-year old man in an old reddish Cadillac to be much of a challenge. He pulled onto the freeway, and after traveling a few miles down the road did not see the man in pursuit anywhere. The MAD FIGS were relieved, until they were about to exit the freeway. Suddenly, from behind a semi truck, emerged the old man, going at least 70 miles per hour! Justin immediately sped up to try and lose him.

The MAD FIGS traveled all around downtown Fresno trying to shake the man. They did not want to go to their destination, afraid of what he might do to them when they got out of the car. So Justin resorted to one of his best techniques: he waited in a left turn lane until the light was past yellow, and then sped though. But to his amazement, the man ran the red light to follow! Justin was then determined to escape. They were traveling down a side street next to a canal. When the old man got behind them, Justin pulled a quick U-Turn on the side of the canal, sending dust flying into the air. The old man had a look of shock on his face as the MAD FIGS raced past him and waved.

After this daring maneuver, the man was not able to keep up with the MAD FIGS. After spending at least half an hour and traveling across town in pursuit, he gave up on the chase. It was an important victory for Justin, and it was not his last daring escape from the jaws of certain death.

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