The 1994 Robinson Cup River Run

At the height of the MAD FIGS' actual running ability, 5 members decided to attend a road race held each year at Lost Lake - The Robinson Cup River Run. Sascha, Scott Dogg, and the Animal entered in the 4 mile event, while Justin and Jacob ran the 2 mile. The pre-race warmup included singing 1492 and Scott Dogg's Marching Song:

I don't know but I've been told
Running here is pretty cold
Every night before retreat
We order out for luncheon meat

The race itself was a colossal success: Jacob won the 2 mile race overall, and Justin won his age division. Sascha won the 4 mile overall, and Scott Dogg and the Animal took a 1-2 sweep in their division. They all received the official trophies of the Robinson Cup: rocks with little gold shoes glued to them. Sascha also got his name engraved on the real Robinson Cup, a huge commemorative trophy.

After the race, Sascha, Jacob and the Animal were headed for a Cross-Country race at Woodward Park, while Scott Dogg and Justin were going to a Forensics tournament at Golden West High School. Unfortunately, Justin's car wouldn't start. Sascha, being an expert at starting cars (both legally and illegally), found a jump-start from another car, and everyone was on their way. It was a truly great race day.

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