The Dam Diner


The Dam Diner, located near Friant Dam, is home to the best food in the San Joaquin Valley. It is the official restaurant of the MAD FIGS, and many important events have taken place there.

The Dam Diner was first discovered after a paintball game at the broken bridge. Although paintball is no longer allowed in the area, the MAD FIGS still visit the Dam Diner as often as possible. Part of the Physics Video was filmed there, and it was also the site of the 1999 MAD FIGS reunion (pictured above). A traditional supplementary event in most MAD FIGS Septathalons consisted of a 1-mile run to the Dam Diner, followed by a delicious meal. It was also the restraunt of choice for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasions.

As of 2014, the Dam Diner had closed to the public. There was a sign on the door mentioning plans to re-open in the future, and the MAD FIGS will certainly be the first ones in line once this happens.

Scott Dogg enjoys one of the Dam Diner's curly fries.

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