Davis Ultimate Invitational: April 3-4, 2004


The Fresno 'FIGS, a team consisting of players from Fresno Ultimate and the MAD FIGS, competed in this tournament. Also of note was the long-awaited debut of the MAD FIGS Shirt #3, proclaiming "MAD FIGS Ultimate: Swim Like Hell!"

Jenny #3's Top Ten DUI Moments

Saturday, April 3rd

The tournament was set up with 4 pools of 4 teams each, ranked in advance by the team captains. Each team would play all the others in their pool, which would determine the seeding for the elimination rounds on Sunday.

Game 1 vs. some guys
I don't remember what this team was called. The game started out in a promising manner, with Paul scoring on a deep throw from the Animal. The other team quickly figured out our strategy (going deep every point) and went on to win 13-3. However, this was still the best showing to date by a Fresno team, so already things were looking good.

Game 2 vs. Monkeys
We lost this game 13-6, so it was an even better showing than the last game. At this point I found out that we were ranked last overall in the original rankings, and we had just played the top 2 teams in our bracket. I think the other team dropped out, so they rescheduled us to play somebody else at 4:00. Since it was only about 12:30 by then, most of the team headed back to Paul and Heidi's apartment to relax, go swimming, and play old-school video games.

"Game 3:" team scrimmage
We went back to Davis around 3:45 to find the field we were supposed to be playing on empty. We waited for about half an hour, but nobody ever showed up. We later found out that our opponents were there until 3:30 and then decided to leave. The tournament director apparently felt really bad that we missed out on the game, so he refunded half of the entry fee. This was probably a dumb idea on his part, since we were only guaranteed 5 games by the tournament structure and we ended up playing 6. But we decided not to complain.
Instead of playing a real game, we tried playing MAD FIGS vs. the rest of the team. This was quickly switched to a more even match-up, although it wasn't a very high-intensity game it was still more fun than the other two we had played earlier.

Saturday Night
After the scrimmage, we headed back to the main field for a barbeque and an exhibition game. Paul was not impressed by the game, despite the large amount of Hot D and Good Bids being made.

Sunday, April 4th

Game 4 vs. Cows
This was the game that it all came down to, since the tournament was single elimination. Unfortunately, the other team had way more plays than we did (approximately 75 by my count, against our 3) and we lost 15-7 or something like that.

Game 5 vs. MUD
Things weren't over yet for the Fresno 'FIGS, because even though we were out of contention for the overall victory there was still a losers' bracket! The first opponents we faced were apparently a bunch of hippies from a commune or something. Regardless, we won the game 15-6. After the game there was no interaction at all with the other team, and anyone who claims differently is a filthy liar who is probably going crazy from syphilis.

Game 6 vs. Sac
This was the first team we played that used a zone defense. At first we were doing fine, with an 8-3 lead at the half. But then the wind picked up and Sacramento started making a comeback. We eventually escaped with a 15-11 victory, putting us in the chumpionship (?) game.

Game 7 vs. Faux Hammer
This was an intense game, but the other team just wanted a victory more than we did (you could tell because they called more fouls). The final score was 17-15, but at least the tournament was finally over and we could all enjoy a delicious Redrum Burger.

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A crowd waits for Scott Dogg (Jesus?) at the airport

Matty sets up the canopy for the team
Rebecah and Heidi finish setting up.
vinnardo feels confident about the disc flip...
...but we lost the toss anyway.

The MAD FIGS Shirt #3 is unleashed upon the Earth
An all-star lineup set to receive the throw
The Animal is ready to pull after actually scoring a point!
Paul plays some Hot D
Swift breaks for the end zone
Jenny #3 makes the catch
vinnardo laughs in the face of defeat (or something)

The teams packs it up and moves on to Game 2
The Animal makes a good cut
Later he burns the defender for a score
Some more Hot D
The Animal goes for the block in the end zone
Paul makes a Nice Bid

vinnardo marks his territory

The Animal and T-Bird relax after the game
vinnardo relaxes to a greater extent

Revitalized, he takes the field for Game 4 in the morning
The ladies on the team lead the break for the end zone
Rebecah plays some good defense
The offense is shut down!
The Animal also goes on defense
The team discusses stategy for the losers' bracket

Paul gets psyched up for the next game
Brian looks to Rebecah for the throw
The defense can't handle Fresno's speed
The Animal score another one
The team decides on a play during time-out
The Animal score the winning point in our first victory!

The Animal supervises pyramid-building
Level 2 is added
On to level 3...
Lito wonder where he'll fit in
Almost finished...
The last positions are filled in
The structure can't hold for long...

The Animal and vinnardo shut down Sac's handlers

Injury #1
Injury #2
Injury #3
Injury #4

A healthy apple snack after the game

Everyone waits patiently for a delicious burger

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