Great Moments in Frisbee

The Hand of God Play

The standard Ultimate Frisbee plays for the MAD FIGS are based off the "FAN" offense. The player with the disc calls out either "Flash" (everyone runs to the end zone as fast as possible), "Anything" (everyone continues to run around at random), or "Navy" (only short passes are used). During one of the numerous Flash plays in one game, Jacob lost his balance and began to fall into the end zone. However, the frisbee bounced off of his head, landing perfectly in his outstretched hands.

Angry Bear's tackle defense

In a game against Clovis West, the Angry Bear was guarding the smallest and weakest player on the other team. Angry was getting... well, angry because of the physical defense that was being played. So in response, instead of trying to block the disc on one play, he simply tackled his opponent. This nearly lead to a brawl between the two teams, instigated further by Thomas. Luckily it was avoided, and the MAD FIGS team went on to win two straight games.

Arakell's huge defense

While playing a game against the MAD FIGS, Arakell had the opportunity to make a block. The throw was not aimed well, and headed straight towards him. With a sweeping gesture, he knocked the frisbee out of the air and slammed it to the ground. He then proceeded to congratulate himself on his amazing defensive skills. Now, it is a tradition among the MAD FIGS to knock easy throws out of the air with a huge flourish.

Kim Church rescues Paul

During a night game at Bullard High School, the MAD FIGS were near the end of an intense game. The other team was in scoring position, but Paul had possession of the disc. He made a bad throw, and the other team gained control. It looked like the end, but suddenly, Kim Church blocked the throw that would have won the other team the game. Paul told her, "When I made that throw, my schlong fell off. But then Kim Church reached down and put it back on." She was very disturbed.

The Power Slide

Paul was running deep into the end zone for a catch with Scott Dogg close after him. Paul suddenly dove for the disc, and it seemed like a dangerous collision would be the result. But somehow, the result was Paul sliding face-first across the ground with Scott Dogg sitting comfortably on his back without injury.

Sascha's behind the back toss

Sascha had the disc, but was heavily guarded and could not make a pass. Using a fake toss as a distraction, he turned and made a throw behind his back, for a perfect completion.

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