Forrest Gump #3 in American History

In American History class, Jacob and Johann had the chance to earn extra credit at the end of the year by making an informational video of some kind. Jacob was a big fan of Forrest Gump (due to their mutual love of running and similar life experiences), so he thought it would be a great idea to expand on the story. Thus, Forrest Gump #3 was born. The "#3" was included to demonstrate that he was the third Forrest Gump, an ancestor to the one in the original movie. It was never explicitly explained who the previous two Forrest Gumps were, but Jacob did have a detailed timeline explaining everything.

The actual video featured Forrest Gump travelling throughout America, witnessing and inspiring dozens of important historical events. While Jacob played the main character, the video also featured cameos from many of the MAD FIGS. Paul played numerous roles and died multiple times throughout the film.

One running joke throughout the film involved the American History textbook, infamous for being especially large and heavy. The book suffered many abuses such as being burned, hit by a shovel, kicked, and thrown off a large hill.

While the premise was fairly absurd, the video actually contained a lot of educational information and was very well received. At least one VHS copy existed many years after its debut, and perhaps someday it will even be made available online.

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