The Legend of Scott and Liz

During the 95-96 school year, Scott Dogg and Jacob were enrolled in the leadership class at Bullard High School. As ASB Vice President, it was Jacob's job to attend the monthly School Advisory Board meetings. As a slacker, it was Scott Dogg's job to go along and miss school whenever possible. After one meeting at Hoover High, the 'FIGS were walking to the parking lot with Liz Gonzales, another Bullard student.

Liz was saying, "I was here after school once, and I had to wait 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot!"

"Were you dancing during those 10 minutes?" Scott Dogg asked.

"No..." replied Liz.

"Then it was 10 minutes wasted!" he exclaimed triumphiantly. Liz was very confused.

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