Initial Reconnaissance Mission (12/96)

On the way out of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, the Incredible Guy made a startling observation: a barrel marked "FIGS" was placed in the scenery near the exit. Realizing the potential for this, he took photographs to study the area and plan a mission for a later date.

The Disneyland Mission (5/22/97)

Executed By D.I.G. and A-Ron

Travelling to Disneyland for Bullard's senior trip, the strike force arrived at the park at 11:30 pm. Incredible Guy and Scott Dogg had run all the way to the gate, and were waiting to rendezvous with A-Ron. Suddenly, he appeared behind them and the mission began. A-Ron had drawn up a detailed plan for the mission, which Incredible Guy and Scott Dogg read and totally forgot.

The team gained access to the exit by telling security guards that they were waiting for someone to come out of the ride. A-Ron took a position near the end of the exit, while Scott Dogg waited farther down the path. Shortly after being passed by 3 security guards on their way out, the Incredible Guy jumped over a fence, crawled under a bush, and stuck a clear piece of tape with the white letters "MAD" above "FIGS". Having done so, he quickly escaped from the ride. A-Ron returned briefly to take several photos of the barrel, and the team moved out, cautious of being followed by security. The mission turned out be a huge success, as vinnardo discovered the label to still be there months later.

figs figs

Other Notes On the bus ride up to Disneyland, Dogg and Incredible Guy were trying to tell people about The MAD FIGS Movies, but for some reson could only remember 9 of them. They spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what the 10th movie was, and finally Scott Dogg shouted "STALAG 17!!" This woke up half the people on the bus, and scared the other half.

After The Mission was over, the MAD FIGS organized the largest invasion of the Pirates of the Carribean ride ever staged. Over 15 Bullard students went on the ride at once, and after it had begun moving, Incredible Guy and Scott Dogg led them in a rousing chorus of 1492 and the MAD FIGS clap.

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