Paul and Tom's Trip To Europe

This postcard was recieved by Scott Dogg on Friday, July 11, 1997. The following was written on half of the back of a postcard.

Scott -

Scott, you are the luckiest guy on Earth. This is a progressive letter, and you are going to be able to read about my entire trip. We started on this trip at Tom's grandparents' house. After getting lost due to bad directions, we had dinner and then watched the best movie on Earth, "Braveheart." We also saw the crazy guy, we have a picture so I will show you when I return. Tom is just amazed that one can just have a beer with lunch or anything.

We left Amsterdam in a haze, and pushed on to Germany. There we met up with Johann and two of the coolest guys on Earth, Alex and Fernando. Alex is from Brazil and Fernando is from Baja. These exchange students sure can drink. We spent till like 2 in the morning walking around town looking for some bloody party that we never found. We spent till the wee hours of the morning having our own party in our room, then we were late for the bus. On our way from Germany to Paris our bus driver got lost for the third or 4th time. He did about a 26 point turn with the big ass bus, and ran into some German woman's house. She didn't seem to care at all about the damages, and when we finally got to Paris Yohn (Bus driver) stated that for the rest of the trip he would use a map.

In Paris, Tom and I broke off from the group, and played some Frenchies in Basketball. After losing the first game, the two of us came back with two smashing victories. We walked up lots of stairs, and we finished our trip in France with two cool moments. The first was in the Louvre when we saw a woman with a brown fuzzy thing in her hand walk up to one of the male statues, and attached it to his schlong area. I took a picture of her taking it off, so it looks like she was "playing" with "it". The second happened near our hotel when we saw a guy peeing on the road. I took a picture and then the guy turned and looked at us. We ran like MAD to our hotal and laughed for a long long time. On the ferry ride from Calmis(?) to Dover Tom and I had the scariest experience of our lives. We saw Satan himself on that boat. There was a man with a dark black suit, triangle goat(goatee?), slicked back hair, and red tinted sunglasses. Smoke exited from his mouth, whether or not he took a puff of his cigarette. He stared most of the time at us, so we felt it necessary to document this with a photograph. After the picture we fled from the scene only to see the devil walking around as if looking for the foolish boys who photographed him.

Tom and I are also investigating a man in another group who always hangs out with the girls from his group. He tries to joke with them and is upset when people try to seperate him from his women. We think he is a pedophilist, but I Will get back to you with that information.

(Apparently written afterwards, in different colored ink) Now in Ireland, lots more cool stuff happened. Expect another transcript of trip.

Fat Louie
Incredible Guy
Sex Machine?

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