As assistant coach of the BHS cross-country and track teams, Ron Jones is one of the most feared opponents of the MAD FIGS. For a long time he held control of how far and how quickly they would have to run, and most of the time his workouts were cruel and unusual. A notable example of this was the infamous ten minute drill.

However, Ron's most powerful weapon was the advice and guidance he would give to the MAD FIGS. The most common form of encouragement he offered was yelling "RUN" very loudly whenever one of the team members passed by. The R-O-N-G-O song was created as a defense, but was never used directly on Ron himself.

Also of interest: One of the early MAD FIGS Missions involved a trip to 7-11 at Blackstone and Bullard, where Ron reportedly worked.

Ron is caught in a moment of weakness.

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