San Luis Obispo "Invitational" 2004

In November 2004, several of the MAD FIGS and many Fresno Ultimate players headed to SLO for a tournament being held by the team there. Unfortunately, the day of the tournament it was announced that heavy rains made the fields too wet to play on. Since there was such late notice, most everyone showed up anyway to hang out at the Animal's grandma's house.
Friday night turned out to be a lot of fun, starting with an intense game of Trivial Pursuit that ended quickly once Scott Dogg arrived. This was followed by a trip to the beach, complete with an awesome bonfire!

The next day, the good news arrived that several other teams had also showed up to play and would be meeting at a local high school. Eventually the Fresno team figured out that this actually meant a local elementary school and showed up to play.
This tournament marked the official debut of the Fresno State Ultimate team, and it was an amazing start. They crushed all opposition, including SLO CORE and the Modesto City College team. Hopefully the team will go undefeated at many tournaments in the future.

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