Vegas Adventure Race


Because the traditional 4 mile off-road run would have been impossible to duplicate in Las Vegas, the 2010 Adventure Race was instead reconceptualized into another MAD FIGS passtime - the scavenger hunt. Competitors were divided into teams of 3 and given a list of optional and required tasks worth varying amounts of points. You can see the entire rule set here (pdf). Click on each team's name for score details!

1. Jacob
2. Animal
3. Jenny #3

2nd Place Team: Matty's Crackin' Vegas - 1325
4. Lito
5. T-Bird
6. Paul

3rd Place Team: Smoke A Fatty - 524
7. Matty
8. Grant
9. Chris

4th Place Team: Stop Gun - DQ
10. Borderline
11. Pine
12. Iceman

5th Place Team: Score Keepaz - 0
13. vinnardo
14. Pookie
15. Scott Dogg

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