Betting Odds 2010

Get out those wallets, cause it's definitely time to place your bets! Vegas had quite a few factors to consider in determining the betting odds for the 2010 MAD FIGS Bach-Tathalon. First among those, which of the competitors will be most distracted by the fancy neon lights and easy access to cold, refreshing beverages? Second, which competitors will be most equipped to handle the unique nature of this year's event? And finally, who the hell is Chris Michaels?

In creating the odds, Vegas realized that this year's competitors represent a veritable All Star team of past MF Septathalons. Assembled in vegas will be the top 9 finishers ever in MFS history, and 11 of the top 14! Vegas tried to secure all of the top competitors from past MFS's, but sadly Artie the One Man Party, the menacing Shakina, and simply Red all had prior commitments (one can presume that Artie's Party has grown by 2). The following odds represent hours of research, statistical analysis, and many cold, refreshing beverages. Vegas feels confident that these numbers will accurately reflect the skill of each competitor (except for Chris Michaels. No idea who he is. And Iceman's friend Greg. Vegas met him once).


The Bachelor 3:1
The Animal 3.14:1
The Lito 7:1
Fat Louie 10:1
T-Bird 14:1
Iceman 30:1
'Kins 30:1
Jenny #3 30:1
Pineapple 30:1
Scott Dogg 30:1
Jaynekins 30:1
Borderline 30:1
Iceman's friend Greg 100:1
Chris Michaels 100:1
Madmartigan 1000:1

Women's Division

T-bird 1.1:1
Jenny#3 3:1
Jaynekins 5:1


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