2010 Specal Rules

The 2010 Septathalon was held in Las Vegas as a bachelor party event to commemorate Matt Henschel's upcoming wedding. As such, each event had a special requirement that the bachelor needed to fulfill.

Frisbee Golf: Must wear alluring bridal garter during the event.

Ultimate Frisbee: Must wear bridal veil during all games.

Mad Matty Mile: Starts the race with 2 "mad bombs" (water balloons) that would each add 30 seconds to someone's time if it successfully hit them, or if carried to the end of the race would each subtract 30 seconds from the bachelor's time.

Ping Pong: All games against the bachelor are obstacle ping pong.

Gambling: Must lead the group in a sing-along of "The Gambler".

Mini Golf: Must do a shot for each eagle scored (the highest par turned out to be a 3 so this was not very effective).

Bowling: Must use bumper lanes (not available at lanes, not enforced).

Adventure Race: Additional photo requirements (ignored, but did not make a difference in the final standings).

Barefoot Mile: Must wear all bridal accessories and carry boquet (with toss at the end of race), and carry the largest stuffed animal.

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