Photography Competition

Location: Red Rocks Ampitheater. Click for full-size images or check out the additional entries.

  1. "Forever Winning" by Lito

  2. "Blue Sky at Red Rocks" by Jessica

  3. "Very pointy cloud" by James

  4. "It’s all downhill for a Fig" by vinnardo

  5. "Wheat in the wind" by Lindsay

  6. "Beauty and the Bee" by Katie

  7. "Empty as hell" by Kellie

  8. "(S)he’s Spike, (s)he is my friend!" by Pounder

  9. "Enmity in the air at Red Rocks" by Jacob

  10. "This snake was pre-partying before the Tipper concert" by Angry Bear

  11. "Dinosaur" by Clayton

  12. "Bronzed" by Scott Dogg

  13. "Jungle Dew 2.0" by Johann

  14. "Portrait of portrait of portrait" by Matty

  15. "Can You find me?" by Animal

  16. "Dark sky, dark rocks, dark goose" by Pookie

  17. "Limos in crazy color" by Clark

  18. "14 Dorsal Spikes (why the dinosaurs went extinct)" by Paul

  19. "Life prevails" by Sarah

  20. "Madfigs at red rocks" by T-Bird

Additional Entries


Angry Bear:



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