Wedding Biathlon 2002

Scott Dogg makes a throw during frisbee golf

Since Scott Dogg and Jenny's wedding took place only a week after the end of the 2002 Septathalon, the MAD FIGS thought it might be interesting to hold a "mini-Septathalon" on the day before the wedding (in place of the traditional bacheleor party). All seven events were supposed to take place in the Riverside area, however due to scheduling problems there was only time for two events. The competition was still fierce, and while no subsequent MAD FIGS weddings have maintained the tradition, there is hope for the future.

Overall Results

  1. Fat Henschel - 1700
  2. Animal - 1600
  3. vinnardo - 1500
  4. Scott Dogg - 1200
  5. Milica * - 900
  6. McMath - 900
(*) Tiebreaker based on completion of events

Individual Event Scores

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