MAD FIGS Sponsors

The MAD FIGS webpage is a very important effort, continually undertaken by the official MAD FIGS web design team. It chronicles the history of the MAD FIGS and provides information about current events of interest. Unfortunately, there are certain operating expenses that accompany this project. It currently costs about $100 per year for domain name registration and webspace. As a result, we are now accepting donations from people who wish the webpage to continue.

There are three levels of sponsorship: Gold ($5.00 minimum donation, Platinum ($20.00 minimum donation), and Diamond ($50.00 minimum donation). Diamond level entitles the sponsor to recieve certain "favors" from one of the MAD FIGS of their choice. If the sponsor is one of the MAD FIGS, they must give themselves "favors".

Diamond Level Sponsors:

The Animal

Scott Dogg

Platinum Level Sponsors:

Jenny Sweaney

Jacob Eatkids

Matt Henschel

Gold Level Sponsors:

Justin vinnardo

Milica Uzelac


In addition to financial support, relevant photos or written accounts of MAD FIGS events are also accepted. We also appreciate readers of this page, and hope that you enjoy your visits. Thank you!

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