Photo Page #7: Reception Dinner

Everyone was eager to have a "refreshing beverage" after the grueling photo session.
Scott couldn't wait to enjoy his delicious dinner
The MAD FIGS weren't far behind
"You HIDE the vegitarian pasta??"
Finally everyone at the head table was settled (almost)

Paul gives the first wedding toast.
Matt speaks while Justin tries to think of something to say
The Animal also had some nice things to say
hahahahaha (sorry Justin)
Molly says a few words
We thought Hilary's speech was a nice way to wrap up the toasts...
But Jenny had something to say as well!
Jenny's dad gave some brief yet sound advice
Emily also gave some very nice comments
Eric said a few words as well
Reactions to the toasts apparently ranged from amusement to shock
Angry Bear (aka Will) made a toast (unfortunately without musical accompaniment)
Finally, Jacob Speakins told a very important legend

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