Photo Page #8: After-dinner events

Jenny and Mrs. Swortwood (Mom #2)
Scott and Jenny cut the cake

Jenny looks excited about the upcoming boquet toss
Jenny winds up for the throw...
Revealing her previously hidden, super-cute tattoo in the process!
Some participants were more excited than others...
But everyone gets woken up by a line-drive boquet toss!
It looks like Kelly will be the next one to get married

Scott gets ready to shoot the garter
Although it was smaller than a frisbee, the Animal still caught the garter easily
Come to think of it, maybe the Animal was trying a little too hard... hmm

Scott and Jenny's first dance to their song
Despite concerns by some parties, the first dance went very well

Listen to our song - "The Dolphin's Cry" by Live

Things started picking up quickly as the dancing got underway
The Animal shows that he has great moves even off the dancing game

The MAD FIGS Super Quorum is reunited once again

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