Photo Page #9: Honeymoon Photos

Scott and Jenny swearing something to get their marriage license.
Scott fills out the form to go with it.

Scott looks at the scenic view from the balcony.
The lobby of the Mission Inn.

Scott reads a humorous note in one of the cards.
Jenny keeps track of what came from who.

Matt had a little too much fun at the reception.
Justin finds a better way to take a nap.

The interior of the hotel room in San Diego.
The bathroom was also nice.
There were a lot of pillows on the bed too.

A rare view of the deadly Fishing Cat.
Jenny enjoys dinner at Albert's at the zoo.
Scott enjoys a tasty beverage.
Jenny watches the Caracals.
Some pretty flowers.

Jenny shows off her tiger cup.
Scott poses with the flamingos.
Jenny thinks they are cute too.
A funny bird statue.
Jenny and Scott at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Scott shows off his stylish hat.
The train ride through the park was fun.
Jenny takes a rest after a long day of walking.

Scott poses with an orc at the Wizards of the Coast store.

Scott in front of the seals at the Long Beach Aquarium.
Jenny takes a picture of the coastline.

Jenny and Karen head to lunch during the Comic-Con.
Josh, Karen, and Jenny.
Jenny is caught reading "inappropriate" materials.
Josh and Jenny look over the comic they have obtained.

Jenny says goodbye to her parents on the way back to Illinois.
Scott can't wait to open the candy packaging.
The thought of returning to a barren wasteland renders Jenny silly.

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