Photo Page #6: Post-Ceremony Pictures

Jenny, Scott, and Misty
A closer view
Another first kiss?
Jenny is super cute!
Jenny's veil was super cute too
Scott and Jenny show off their fancy outfits

We need to take MORE pictures?

The wedding party
The MAD FIGS (aka groomsmen)
The bridesmaids
Hilary, Jenny, and Molly
Hilary and Jenny

Sometimes, Jenny thinks things are funny
Then she starts laughing for a long time
A really long time
A really, REALLY long time
But she stops eventually (usually)

Jenny and Scott with their parents
Mr. and Ms. Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. Sweaney

Jenny's whole family
The Sweaney family
Scott's family
All our friends from school and what have you
All our other friends
The Animal and Milica
Paul and Heidi

The wedding wreath

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