Photo Page #3: Getting Dressed

Hilary and Jenny at the beauty salon.
Jenny feels silly but still likes it.
I'm not sure what's going on here...

Scott needed to be convinced to wear shoes...
but he finally gave in to the pressure
Justin and Scott getting ready (sort of)

Milica steals Scott's hat
The MAD FIGS relax, thinking they were ready
A more candid picture was captured by another photographer
Unfortunately, corsages proved too dangerous to handle alone
Finally done

Meanwhile, preparations were still going on upstairs
Jenny makes sure everything looks perfect...
But she needs some help from Hilary
All done?

Jenny's veil certainly looked nice
Jenny's dad though she looked fine...
But her mom found some adjustments that needed to be made
Finally ready!

Nobody could wait to start
Paul prevents Scott from seeing Jenny through the upstairs window.

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