Photo Page #1: Pre-Wedding Activites

Paul's wedding party enjoys the view from the Olympic Village
A slightly more organized photo
Not sure what's going on here...
Yet another photo of the groomsmen
Paul, Scott Dogg, and the Animal
Some of the groomsmen and their ladies
The McNallys celebrate with Dr. Steinke
Paul takes his last opportunity to live it up a little
Jenny has a fun at the rehersal dinner

A happening party the night before the wedding
Johann enjoys himself
Dr. Steinke prepares beverages for the guests
Matt is caught off-guard
The Animal tries to get some booze
Matt wonders why he's being photographed
Paul toasts with a double shot of water
The Animal looks on quizically
A picture of the sky that night

A VERY brief game of Frisbee Golf before the wedding
Paul makes his first throw
Paul finished with a total score of two
The Animal makes a shot as well

The Steinkes get ready for the ceremony
Dr. Steinke shows off his new shades
The Animal makes sure his outfit is in order
Paul does the pen trick with a lighter

The groomsmen try to get organized and start seating guests
Laura makes sure people sign the guest book
People finally get shown to their seats
Jacob and Jayne Eakins
Matty and Rebecah
Scott Dogg and Jenny
Angry Bear and Nina
Some famous guests pose for a photo

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