MAD FIGS Digest #1-1: 5/24/97

Hello to the friends and fans of the MAD FIGS! This is the first ever edition of the MAD FIGS digest, a newsletter to keep the public up to date on MAD FIGS news and events. The digest is sent to MAD FIGS members, Highly Honored and Respected Individuals, and members of the MF Club (well, actually there aren't any of those right now.) There are 3 current subscribers to the digest. It will be published on an irregular basis, whenever I feel like it. This should be pretty frequently while interesting things are happening.

By the way, does anyone know Paul, A-Ron, or General Swift's addresses? Does Jacob have a new once since he came home?

5/24 - Added profiles for Melquiades, the Animal, Scott Dogg, the Flash, Incredible Guy, and General Swift.
Added lyrics to "1492", MAD FIGS movies, and the Scott and Liz story.
Updated Missions section to include Disneyland Mission.

Disneyland Mission a huge! huge! hugehugehuge! Success! Read about it at

Frisbee News - there is none! The Great Bastardo has yet to supply any new information, despite the fact that I now know he is still alive. The Fresno MAD FIGS continue to train undaunted.

Well, that's all for now... if you wish to unsubscribe, have any comments or suggestions, or find an error somewhere, send mail to

Scott Dogg

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