MAD FIGS Digest #1-2: 5/25/97

With the second edition of the MAD FIGS Digest, we have a new member! That is, if he told me the right address. What kind of a goofball doesn't know his own email address? I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

5/25- Added Profiles for Sascha, Super Scrub, A-Ron, and Matt.
Added the MAD FIGS Reunions page
Corrected glaring mistake on the Movie page
Corrected various typos and programming errors throughout the site
Updated link on the missions page to the correct Disneyland mission site:

The Fresno MAD FIGS spent an eventful evening with Krisitn Cahill and the Angry Bear,watching The Lost World and The Party, playing Frisbee outside (and inside) thetheatre, and playing basketball at Jacob's house.

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Scott Dogg

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