MAD FIGS Digest #3-1: 3/3/99

Well, I bet you all thought you were never going to see another digest. But you were wrong! You'll never be rid of me, you hear? NEVER!!!

Actually, reason for the delay included lack of recent activity, shortage of useable quotes, and of course, just plain laziness. I can't claim that my classes this semester are keeping me busy, but I do have high hopes for my Astronomy class. On the first day of class, the professor walked in the door and immediately said, "Those of you who are waiting to add this class, there probably won't be any room for you... we're full, and that's the Bottom Line." Needless to say, it took a lot of effort to resist cheering. Since then, the professor has gone on to set a high record BL Count of 5 in one day.


Correspondence From the Flash Received!
MAD FIGS member Jacob Ekkinns has been stationed in France for over a year now working on his mission, and is not scheduled to return until this summer. However, he still has time to engage in MAD FIGS-approved activities, and write to us telling about them! Read the letter and, believe it or not, SEE THE PHOTOS!

MAD FIGS return to Fresno... then leave again!
December brought winter vacation to colleges around the nation, and it also gave Scott Dogg, Justin, and Paul an excuse to see Braveheart back in the theatres near UCLA. It was a moving experience, but the 'FIGS were soon called back to Fresno when they discovered that the opportunity to play Frisbee in the snow existed! After a grueling all-night journey, they arrived at Bullard to find virtually no one else awake, and also failed to find any seven-foot tall animated snowmen roaming the city devouring children and small animals. However, with great effort they managed to rouse the troops and get an actual snow-Frisbee game together. Truly a momentous occasion.

Web Page minor repairs:
The MAD FIGS webpage is still THE definitive source for all things 'FIG-related... member biographies, legends, collectables, trivia... it's all there. Also, the MAD FIGS guestbook is once again operational!
Additions to the webpage will continue as needed. Submissions are always welcome.

Scott Dogg

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"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."
- Elbert Hubbard

"No, we don't want to upset The Monkey, everybody cares about The Monkey's feelings, The Monkey is special."
- Kramer, "Seinfield"

"Because of this flexibility, the computer is sometimes called the UNIVERSAL MACHINE."
- "C++, An Introduction to Computing"

"In my neighborhood there is no place to run. One must leave the suburbs to be even a middle-distance runner. Where I live there are four-way stop signs at every intersection; the blocks are short, and those right-angle corners are hard on the balls of the feet. Also, the sidewalks are threatened by dogs, festooned with the playthings of children, intermittently splashed with lawn sprinklers. And just when there's some running room, there's an elderly person taking up the whole sidewalk, precarious on crutches or armed with quacking canes. With good conscience one does not yell "Track!" to such a person. Even passing the aged at a safe distance, but with my usual speed, seems to alarm them; and it's not my intention to cause heart attacks."
-John Irving, "The World According to Garp"

"The most important of the brothers, however, was Gilbert. He was the outstanding preacher and the natural leader of the men his father had trained."
-John Corrigan, "Religion in America"

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