Hole 1
Starting from the dry patch of grass next to the main entry tollbooth, the object is the Par Course sign for the "Log Hop" exercise.

Hole 2
A set of 4 green utility boxes can be seen, the object is the one on the far left side.

Hole 3
The Par Course sign for the "Balance Beam" exercise, on the left side of the bathrooms.

Hole 4
Hubert St. John's Memorial Rock, directly behind the large stinky tree near the bathroom.

Hole 5
The Par Course sign for the "Pull-up Rings" exercise, on the far side of the lake.

Hole 6
Any of the large logs that rest near the hairpin turn along the 5k course.

Hole 7
Medium-sized rock to the left of the playground across the street.

Hole 8
The stop sign at the edge of the parking lot (any part of sign, including pole).

Hole 9
The Green "Valley View" sign at the other end of the parking lot.

Hole 10
A small post on the edge of the lake.

Hole 11
The large green walls around a set of garbage cans.

Hole 12
The course records display case.

Hole 13
The drinking fountain near the picnic tables (not the shelter).

Hole 14
The "Dogs must be on a leash" sign near the entrance tollbooth.

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