Selected Statements of the MAD FIGS Document (Highly Condensed)

The Number 14: Two 14s cancel each other out [See the Legend of Josh Cosby]


Language Rules:

Identification Cards: If the MAD FIGS ever run into any trouble with the conditions of society, it is understood that the MAD FIGS ID Card can and will solve any bureaucratic obstacles that stand in their way.

T Shirts: The number of MAD FIGS T-Shirts worn to school on a given day determines what kind of day it will be. Once the final count is in, the day is then titled by the number of MAD FIGS shirts being worn. Example: If 9 MAD FIGS shirts are being worn, then it is a Nine Shirt Day. Typically this high of a number would indicate a good day for the MAD FIGS.

Team Combinations: When split into squads for Missions or frisbee games, it is traditional to name the teams based on the initials of their members. Example: Dogg, Melquiades, and the Animal vs. Incredible Guy, Flash, and Seaman Swift = MAD vs. FIGS.

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