The Legend of Josh Cosby

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In 1995, Scott Dogg and the Animal were enrolled in the Honors Chemisty class at Bullard. The class was taught by Mr. Lusk, a world-renowned teacher famous for the Molecule Dance and very difficult grading policies.

Another student in the class was a fellow named Josh Cosby. He often had trouble following Mr. Lusk's lessons (and staying awake in class), so he was very worried about the midterm exam. The test consisted of 50 multiple-choice questions, so even someone guessing at random could expect to score 12 or 13 correct. Cosby, trying to answer ever question correctly, scored a 14.

This event was passed off at first as a result of not enough studying. However, as the year progressed, it became painfully clear that there was much more to it than was realized. The number 14 began showing up everywhere - people were ranked number 14 in the class, they'd score 14 out of 20 (or out of 15) on tests, they would be assigned to seat number 14... and every time something associated with the number occured, misfortunes would follow. In time, the problem spread from within the class to plague all the MAD FIGS, and bring catastrophes wherever it appeared.

In order to counter the threat, the MAD FIGS created several doctrines dealing with the number 14. Going against tradition, the MAD FIGS proclaimed 13 to be a lucky number, and were afraid only of Friday the 14th (or Monday the 14th, or basically any 14th). Also, the number 7 was declared to be a powerful number, being half of 14. The MAD FIGS anti-14 frisbees/ women magnets were introduced to help destroy any 14s that were encountered. But to this day, the battle rages on, and the number 14 continues to be a threat to the MAD FIGS.

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