The Story of Mr. Lusk

One of the most famous teachers at Bullard High School was Mr. Fred Lusk. He had been teaching Honors Chemistry for who-knows how long, and was one of those teachers that was either extremely popular or extremely unpopular. Fans of Mr. Lusk enjoyed his humorous (if sometimes irrelevent) anecdotes and quality teaching methods. Others didn't like Mr. Lusk's grading system, or his strict adherence to discipline in the classroom.

The thing that made Mr. Lusk a legend to the MAD FIGS was the Molecule Dance. This was supposed to be a demonstration of how molecules move (translation, vibration, rotation), but it stood on its own as an amazing dance manuever. Mr. Lusk only performed it 5 times a year, on the day of a Chem-Study film about molecular motion, once each period. Students had to pay close attention to catch the elusive dance, for they would get only one chance in their entire life to see it.

The Molecule Dance has been performed many times by the MAD FIGS, most notably at the 1996 Prom, where it was led by the Flash. Unfortunately, since Mr. Lusk's retirement last year, the real Molecule Dance may never be seen again.

Mr. Lusk also left behind a legacy of other achievements. It was in his class in 1994 that the inspiration for the Official National Last Day of School Mile Run was found. Also, the Chem-Study films which were a staple of Mr. Lusk's class inspired the Chem Study Drinking Game. Finally, it was during Mr. Lusk's class that the MAD FIGS realized the evil powers of the number 14. Mr. Lusk will be forever missed at Bullard High School.

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