From the Central California JSA Newletter:

ediTorial: How To Be A Good Dancer

by Scott Dogg

Since Fall State is fast approaching, I thought a guide to introduce new JSA members to the world of dancing would be appropriate. Just follow these simple guidelines, and you'll be on the way to a fun-filled evening!

RULE #1: Let yourself go. It helps to be with your friends at first, because they will provide you with necessary support and encouragement. Keep in mind that you'll probably never see 95% of the people at the dance ever again!

RULE #2: Be creative. Don't just stand in one place the whole night. Be sure to remain in constant motion (unless you get really tired). Plenty of open space on the dance floor is a must. Make up your own dances or modify old ones (i.e., the "Shopping Cart," the "Cabbage Patch," etc.). Once you get some experience, there's nothing like a few good aerial 360s to get things going! (NOTE TO NEW GUYS: the "360" is an advanced dance maneuver where everyone jumps in the air and spins around at the same time. Caution should be exercised, as it can be very dangerous if performed incorrectly.)

RULE #3: Don't overexert yourself: While some creativity is necessary, don't try anything that could be physically incapacitating. You shouldn't do anything too strenuous, such as flips, the splits, breakdancing, or 720s without getting warmed up. You've got to build to that sort of thing!

RULE #4: Have good music: Dancing is much easier if there's a good beat to go along with. I recommend the following music:

"1-2-3-4 (Get Your Woman On the Floor)" - Coolio
"Love Shack" - B-52s
"Take A Chance" - ABBA
You get the idea.

RULE #5: Wear appropriate clothing: Don't wear anything to formal or constrictive. You should be free to move howsoever you like. Also, don't wear anything that will offend or disturb others (this includes wearing nothing at all).

RULE #6: Bring the party with you: Once the music stops, that doesn't mean you have to! Conserve momentum on the way up to your room by continuing to dance, providing your own music if necessary. Once you and your friends have reached a room that is large enough for dancing and equipped with a stereo, the party can continue unabated. Don't hesitate to dance on or around the beds, tables, desks, or other furniture in the room: it just enhances the experience. But whatever you do, don't look under the mattress.

This should give you a good basis to start with. However, the only way to learn is practice, so get out there and get dancing!

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