The Official National Last Day of School Mile Run

This tradition, one of the earliest in the history of the MAD FIGS, began at the end of the 1994 school year. It was a happy time, when the last day of school was a chance to visit all your classes for one last time and then go home early, not just take the final for periods 5 and 6. On this day, as always, Mr. Lusk's honors chemistry classroom was a hotbed of activity.

Four brave souls - Jacob Aekins, Justin vinnardo, Johann Steinke, and Josh Lehman - were in Mr. Lusk's classroom being bored. Somehow, a series of physical contests was initiated. Pushups, pullups, and situps were among the exercise being done, and Mr. Lusk did not hesitiate to compete with the others. After they had run out of things to do, Jacob had a Flash of inspiration - go to the track and run the mile. So the four of them went out to the BHS Track, and participated in the first ever Official National Last Day of School Mile Run.

In the next few years, the run grew more and more popular. In 1995, the number of finishers jumped from 1 to 5; and many others, including Matt Henschel's python, participated. In 1996, many member of the BHS Track team turned out for the run, giving it a more competitive feel.

In 1997, the 4th Annual Official National Last Day of School Mile Run was a huge event. Not only did the ceremonial race take place, a game of Ultimate Frisbee was played afterwards. The tradition continued until 2000, although the 7th Annual ONLDOSMR was not as popular as those of the past. While the event is currently defunct, a revival is possible as long as the BHS track is still around.

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