The Story of Papa Horn

Mr. Horn, the AP U.S. History teacher at Bullard High, gained the attention of the MAD FIGS in the 1995-1996 school year, when the Animal and Paul were enrolled in his class. During the year, they noticed a tendency to say "the bottom line" more than usual during his lectures. This observation was made by many people outside the MAD FIGS as well, and it became a daily contest to keep track of how many times he said it each day. The phrase "BL Count" above several tally marks could be seen atop many papers in the class. Eventually, Mr. Horn caught on to the contest, and tried to stop saying it so much. But the game expanded into other classes, especially Mrs. Taylor's and Mr. Scoville's.

Another important contribution made by Mr. Horn was being the official sponsor of Bullard's JSA Club. It was this sponsorship that brought him closer to his students, and earned him the nickname "Papa."

In 1997, the Angry Bear was in Papa's class, and always had something to contribute. One day, Papa was explaining to the class about McCarthyism, and accusing various students of being Communists. Suddenly, the Angry Bear exclaimed, "Papa, you're a Communist!" Mr. Horn was left speechless.

Another interesting discussion arose when Mr. Horn was teaching the class about the Depression. He was saying "the Depression really affected the common man, Joe Average." Will suddenly asked, "What about Joe Mama?" Again, Mr. Horn was speechless.

Finally, the Angry Bear turned in a term paper using the infamous "Peggy Sue" as an introduction, even though Papa had expressly forbidden it. The term paper was returned torn in several pieces, but when reconstructed, there was a large piece missing from the side. It was determined that this missing piece was due to Mr. Horn taking a bite out of the paper.

Papa will continue to teach at Bullard High for a long time to come, making a profound impact on the lives of young people everywhere.

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