The Clovis Lakes Run - 5/31/97

Jacob and vinnardo picked up Scott Dogg at 6:30 am in the morning, since he was the only one who knew that Justin would be in town. In order to surprise the others, Justin hid under a big pile of towels in the back seat of Jacob's car, hoping to wait until we got there to emerge. However, this plan failed when the MAD FIGS arrived at Sascha's house to find him bringing a friend along, filling the car above capacity. So Vinnardo burst forth to complete the first Super Quorum in over 3 months, and the first reunion of the Original Core Members in who knows how long.

Unfortunately, Jacob was less than excited about the fact that 8 people were already in his car, since one already lacked a seat belt. There was absolutely no room to fit anyone else, and Jacob "forgot" to stop by Angry Bear's house to tell him the bad news. One minute they were going down Bullard, the next minute they were on the Freeway. Well below average.

The run itself was interesting, but not up to the standards of the Robinson Cup Run. Sascha managed to win his age division (20-24)! in the 2 mile, and Jacob got 2nd in his division in the 4 mile. But more importantly, "Vinnardo, Great" and "Dogg, Scott" entered in the 4 mile race and completed it - without shoes! The course was rough in places - with gravel, rock-covered roads, and worst of all, dirt paths with sticks and leaves. The Animal did well in the four mile race also (but with shoes), and Super Scrub, Paul, and Sascha's friend Jeff did well in the 2 mile.

After the race, the MAD FIGS managed set up a frisbee game against Madera. Not a pretty sight. Not only was the Madera team only average, they insisted on playing most of the game with 2 or 3 less people than the MAD FIGS. Not a wise move. However, even though there was a wide margin of victory, the game caused the MAD FIGS to look at their playing style and decide that there is work to be done before the FGOTC on June 14 (grr). However, the game also featured two of the top plays from among all of the MAD FIGS frisbee games.

Afterwards, the MAD FIGS went into Clovis Lakes for a brief swim. They managed to cause a huge jam-up on the waterslides, but not as huge as Vinnardo wanted. His vision was of backing up the slide to the very beginning, but it was not to be. The main reason for lack of support was the fact that the other MAD FIGS' "swimsuits" were actually running shorts, which did not look attractive when wet. Scott Dogg was forced to wear a towel around his waist and, when going down the slides, on his head. "I am... Lawrence of Arabia!" he explained to onlookers.

Needless to say, Sascha and Clovis Lakes was a perfect combination. "Hey, Baby!" was heard numerous times throughout the day. Sascha and Jeff did not return home with the other MAD FIGS. His reasoning: "We've got 8 hours to find a ride!" One can only imagine how many phone numbers he was able to acquire over the course of the day.

Clovis Lakes
The MAD FIGS attach their numbers before the race.

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