The Super Quorum Mission - 12/96

Executed By M.A.D. F.I.G.S. (with G.S.)

Background: During Christmas Vacation, all the MAD FIGS were back together for the first time in over 4 months. Since such an opportunity could not be wasted, a mission was planned. General Swift was informed of the plan when he drove by Bullard and saw the others playing Frisbee. It was decided that since no one knew the exactly location of the MAD FIGS brick [See THE Mission], a mission would be completed to find it.

Mission Objectives: Enter Woodward Park undetected by security, meet at Killer Hill, and locate the brick. A secondary objective was to investigate some other parking bricks that had been spotted near the entrance to the park.

Planning: Plans were made at Paul's house. Jacob once again drew ridiculously complicated plans, but this time the Great Vinnardo declared that he would not be confined by any set schemes. He was included in the plan as "wild card," and was expected to create a diversion to distract security and meet the others at the end of the mission.

Equipment: After problems with the last mission, no one wanted to bring shovels or flashlights. All that was brought was Jacob's backpack, which contained various items including an electric razor, a camera, and razor blades (?).

Execution: After finishing and reviewing the plans, Jacob drove the team to the park. After arriving at the starting point across the freeway from the park, the two teams moved out. The fast team [The Animal, Scott Dogg, and Incredible Guy] was to take a roundabout way to the hill, and investigate the parking bricks near the entrance. The faster team [Flash and General Swift] took the back route, running along the perimeter of the park and breaking off only to meet with the other team.

The Fast team found the bricks near the entrance, but they were firmly attached to the ground and could not be moved. They proceeded to the first checkpoint at the mile mark of the Cross Country course, but didn't see the Faster team there. While waiting, they heard a rustling in the weeds in the lake. Suddenly, Vinnardo burst forth, calling "Ka-KAW! Ka-KAW! and ran off into the night.The fast team cautiously proceeded to checkpoint 2, at the base of the hill on the road, near the site of The Peeing Guy. Again, they could not see the other team. Suddenly, they heard a voice from above, "What took you so long?" The Great Vinnardo was hiding in the tree above them!

The Fast team, united with Melquiades, proceeded to the Hill. Eventually, the Faster team arrived and work began. The Animal began digging at the spot he thought the brick would be found, but nothing turned up. After a while, the MAD FIGS gave up the search and retreated back to the escape vehicle, vowing to return someday and put the mystery of the Brick to rest.

Comments/ Ratings:
"As per usual, our mission objectives were not accomplished. But we met surprisingly little resistance, and I think it shows promise for future Woodward Park missions. 9

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