The Chem Study Drinking Game

The Chem Study Drinking Game was played numerous times during Period 3 Honors Chemistry in the 1994-1995 school year. It was also played once during a special meeting of the Bill Nye the Science Guy Club. Beverages used for the game have included Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, water, Sunny Delight, Capri-Sun, and Hi-C.

This game is based on the Bill Nye Drinking Game, found online during the dark ages of the internet.

If you're ready to party, many of these thrilling films are available online for your viewing pleasure!

molecule dance

To play the Chem Study drinking game, you will need:

Start by inserting the Chem Study film series into the VCR. Have Mr. Lusk turn out the lights, and begin the tape. The game begins as soon as the tape starts. Every time one of the listed effects happens in the film, everyone takes a sip of their drink.

Drink When:

The game ends when Mr. Lusk turns on the lights. No matter what you've been drinking, you will remember the theme music. The last person to give up drinking on each cue is the winner. Of course, ties are possible.

If at some point a player falls out of their desk, they are disqualified. If no one is paying attention or awake, the game may as well be abandoned.

Scott & Sean

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