BHS Forensics


Scott Dogg, Paul, and vinnardo (along with the Angry Bear) were all members of the Bullard High Forensics team. Like track and cross-country, it was a great way to get out of class. While most of their exploits were not offical MAD FIGS business, there were a few notable incidents that took place during debate tournaments.

While the MAD FIGS were mostly interested in the team debate competition, Bullard Forensics required members to do a speech event as well. Debaters usually chose the Extemporaneous event, where they were given a current events topic and about half an hour to prepare a seven-minute speech. The recommended format was to provide a brief introduction, a thorough analysis of the subject, and a brief conclusion. The MAD FIGS realized that they could make this process much easier by using prepared generic introductions that could relate to any topic and take up as much of the speech time as possible. A few favorites include:

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