The Animal


AKA: The Manimal (only on certain occasions), The MAD Bomber

Civilian Name: CLASSIFIED

Current Status: On Active duty in Fresno, CA

Symbol: "The" Animal (difficult to sketch, highly ambiguous)

Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Special MAD FIGS Strengths: Sovereignty over the Animal Kingdom (power to direct and control), Special powers of extreme situation (when pure Animal Energy is released).

History Behind the Name: The Animal earned his name through his extreme performances during Cross Country season, and general Animalistic behavior.
As a humorous note: Obviously, the Animal's civilian name is rarely mentioned among the MAD FIGS. Even more interesting is that he is known as The Animal by his friends outside the MAD FIGS as well.

Special Status: Member of the Society of Painted Men, an Honored member of the Pole Vaulting Clan, Member of the Spinning Frisbee Brotherhood Legend, Member of the MAD FIGS Sanger Metric Classic Relay, The MAD FIGS Glee Club.

Special Connections: Fresno State Athletics, Cal Poly, Santa Rosa, The Island Waterpark, USPS.

Unfortunate Weaknesses: The potential fallibilty of FSU men's basketball.

A Note on the Side: An award is given out in the name of the great Animal, to anyone who, in the opinion of the MAD FIGS, has far exceeded their expected potential. They are named the Honorary Animal of the Day, and it is said [after a period of 24 hours] that the person has been H.A.D.
[Scott Dogg notes: Apparently Jacob came up with this idea at some point, no one else has ever heard of it actually being done.]

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