Scott Dogg


AKA: Dawg, The Master of Debaters, Scotty, Great Scott, Scotito, Ska-T, MAD Dogg, The Goose Catcher, Scotty McGruff, Endo, Pookie.

Background (Name): In the beginning there existed a small miscommunication between Jacob and Scott. Every year at the Fall Sports Rally, the runners are introduced to the school. The Flash was to do the introductions, so in the desire to be prepared he asked Scott how he wanted to be announced. The nickname was then introduced as "Dawg", or so the Flash assumed. It wasn't until later that the misunderstanding was cleared up, and the Flash finally realized the proper spelling of the D in MAD FIGS as Dogg.

Civilian Name: CLASSIFIED

Current Status: On Active Duty in Grand Terrace, CA

Symbols: The Sharpie Pen.

Weapons of Choice: Fine point Sharpie permanant marker, Sharp-edged frisbees, pointed colorful metaphors.

Special MAD FIGS Strengths: Marking territory, the Foremost in knowledge of the Canadian Geese Conspiracy, Grammar Consultant, Military Intelligence, Legal Counsel.

Special Status: Member of the Society of Painted Men, a Barefoot Barnacle, Member of the MAD FIGS Sanger Metric Classic Relay, The MAD FIGS Glee Club.

Special Connections: Tori Amos, Forensics, JSA, Taco Bell Inc, Leadership, University of Redlands, Riverside

Unfortunate Weaknesses: The mortality of Tori.

Favorite Passtimes: Cutting cards, chewing on pen caps.

Other: Personal experience led to The Legend of Scott and Liz [Codified by the Flash].

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