Super Scrub

AKA: The Scrub

Background (Name): It is a common tradition at Bullard High for the incoming Fresnmen to be labeled as "scrubs". This title usually carries a negative connotation because it symbolizes the immaturity or ignorance of the young individual. Nathan was a well sought after middle school speedster working his way up in the world of running. Yet the Scrub turned out to be a well-mannered, fun-loving, mature addition to the team [at least much more mature than some of the returning teammates]. These three character traits easily identified the youth as excellent MAD FIGS material. The prefix "Super" was added to his Freshman title of "Scrub" to indicate the distinction between John Q. Scrub and the MAD FIGS' very own scrub. Despite the fact that he is no longer a Freshman, he still maintains the title.

Civilian Name: CLASSIFIED

Current Status: On Reserve Duty, last sighted in San Diego, CA

Symbols: Baby binkie, Adidas Apparel

Weapon of Choice: Any round object that can be kicked or spiked at high velocities.

Special MAD FIGS Stengths: He'll be the last of a legacy to attend Bulard High School. He will continue the tradition.

Special Status: Blue Haired Special, White Haired Special.

Special Connections: The Younger Generation, Other Sports: Soccer, Volleyball.

Unfortunate Weaknesses: Red hair used to attract undue attention during secret operations, but the situation has been dealt with.

Other: The youngest of the MAD FIGS.

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